Edward Doeffinger

Chief Operational Officer (COO)


Edward Doeffinger joined Lenta in 2011 as Chief Operational Officer.

Experience: Prior to joining Lenta, Edward served as Deputy General Director of Metro Cash & Carry Kazakhstan. Before starting his career in 1991 at Metro Cash & Carry (Germany), Edward held several positions in wholesale companies and worked as Head of the dry food department at the Trade Ministry of the German Democratic Republic. During his 30 years’ experience in the retail industry he has held senior positions in various countries. In 1994 he obtained his first assignment outside Germany as a board adviser to Metro Cash & Carry in Hungary. After a year in Hungary, Edward became a member of the Metro Jinjiang team (China) and worked as a Store General Director and later as Head of Store Development for several years in China before moving to Russia in 2001. In Russia Edward was responsible for the business operations of Metro Cash & Carry in the Privolzhsky, Ural and Siberian regions. He was also responsible for the Metro Cash & Carry Kazakhstan business operations as a Deputy CEO.

Qualifications: Edward has a degree in Economics from the Hochschule fuer Oekonomie Berlin.