Jago Lemmens

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Jago Lemmens joined Lenta in 2010 as Accounting and Reporting Director, becoming CFO in 2011. He was appointed a Director of Lenta Ltd in 2013.

Experience: Prior to joining Lenta, Jago served as Finance Director of OBI Ukraine and, before this, as Finance Director of Metro Cash & Carry Ukraine. During his 24 years in the retail industry, he has held senior positions in finance, accounting and controlling with several major retailers in the Netherlands, including Makro and Lukas Klamer (both part of Metro Cash & Carry) and Vomar.

Qualifications: Jago holds a degree in Finance and Auditing from the VU University Amsterdam and completed postgraduate courses in Auditing and Financial Management at the University of Amsterdam. He is a member of the Association of Chartered Auditors and the Association of Registered Controllers, both in the Netherlands.