Alexey Kulichenko

Non-Executive Director


Alexey Kulichenko was appointed a non-executive Director of Lenta Ltd in 2019.

Experience: In 1996-2003 Alexey held different managerial positions at Sun Interbrew, starting his career as a cash flow economist at the Rosar plant in Omsk and ending it as Efficiency Planning and Managing Director. In 2003-2005 Alexey worked as CFO at Unimilk. In December 2005 he joined CJSC “Severstal Resource” as CFO. In July 2009 he was appointed CFO of JSC Severstal.

Other roles: Alexey currently serves as CFO of JSC "Severstal Management" - managing company for PAO Severstal and CFO of Severgroup LLC.

Other Selective Directorships: PAO Severstal.

Qualifications: Alexey graduated from Omsk Institute of World Economy with a degree in Economics.