Alexey Kulichenko

Non-Executive Director


Alexey Kulichenko was appointed a non-executive Director of Lenta Ltd in 2019.

Experience: Between 1996-2003 Alexey worked for Sun Interbrew, starting his career there as a cash flow economist at the Rosar plant in Omsk and ending it as Efficiency Planning and Managing Director of Sun Interbrew. Between 2003 and 2005 Alexey worked as CFO at Unimilk. From December 2005 to July 2009 he worked as CFO of CJSC “Severstal Resource”. In July 2009 he was appointed CFO of OAO Severstal.

Other roles: Alexey is currently served as CFO of JSC "Severstal Management" - managing company for PAO Severstal and CFO of Severgroup LLC.

Other Selective Directorships: PAO Severstal.

Qualifications: Alexey graduated from the Omsk Institute of World Economy with a degree in Economics.